Music Video Competition 2021

Sören Sieg Music Video Competition 2021

After the overwhelming success of my first music video competition in 2020 – 39 contributions from 18 countries and 4 continents – there will be another Sören Sieg Music Video Competition 2021 – in the categories solo and duo!

Shadow theater, natural sceneries, animated films, short films with actors, associative collages or concert recordings - last year's contributions have shown that you can produce great videos with simple means. You can see the 13 best videos on my YouTube channel.

The Sören Sieg Music Video Competition 2021 awards music videos for solos or duos by the composer (see list below). The subject of the video should be a complete movement that has been self-recorded. It can also be a multitrack recording by one player. Based on this audio recording, there are no limits to the video design; for instance, one can:

- Film the players while playing in a traditional way;
- Illustrate or contrast the title or emotional content of the piece with photos, landscapes, people, street scenes or abstract motifs;
- Tell a story about the music in pictures;
- Combine the music with poems or prose;
- Integrate documentary “making-of” elements;
- Combine these different elements.

The sky is the limit!

Criteria of Evaluation

Music, sound, image, cut and concept are equally important for the evaluation of the videos. The decisive factor is whether it is possible to find a successful, coherent, captivating or surprising visual implementation that is exciting to watch and listen to. The musical implementation can be as creative as the cinematic implementation: the score can be supplemented (e.g. by percussion or mouth or body percussion) or played with other instruments.

The Jury

In addition to Sören Sieg, the jury will include recorder player Ebba-Maria Künning-Zeijl (Flutes en bloc, Duo Schlagwind, Music Conservatory Hamburg) and internationally awarded filmmaker Claire Walka (


The submission deadline is October 1st, 2021. The winners will be announced on October 28. All contestants will receive a personal evaluation and appreciation text.


1st prize: The team from the winning video will receive 2000 euros and a new piece composed for the ensemble by Sören Sieg.
2nd prize: 1250 euros
3rd prize: 750 euros
4th - 12th Prize: Two sheet music editions and a CD

How to take part

Please send your application with a download link to the video (for example via dropbox or wetransfer), explanations about the video and information about yourself to:

The video should be produced especially for the competition. Videos already published on YouTube or other platforms are not permitted.
The participants agree that their video will be published on Sören Sieg's YouTube channel as from October 1st. These videos, of course, can be linked to and embedded on your homepage. Videos that are not awarded may be published on your own channels.
There is no age limit. Anyone can take part in the competition.
The decision of the jury is final.

List of pieces:
Ukuvalelisa – Umlanjana – Umonde – Cádiz – Tell them I’ve had a wonderful life –Imibala yenjabulo – So long - Ayiyeki – Umbalisi mabali – Fantasy for piano and violin – La Joie – Amazing Africa – Njemgombane – The Dervish and the Devil – Inkamyamba – Njalo njalo – The Circle – L’Aventure – The Return of the Three Magi to Sevilla – 12 Variations on a Theme by Robert Schumann