Zweiter Preis Musikvideowettbewerb

My congratulations to Clara Bielert, Cornelia Struß and Sina Tammena from Trio Brunswick! With their video CANARIE they won - together with Trio InVento - the second prize of the Sören Sieg Music Video Competition 2020!

The jury was enthusiastic about the Trio Brunswick's performance and the funny and surprising visual implementations for the various variations. Everything fits together perfectly: the players, the landscape, the movements, the images, the music. Great fun!

The Trio Brunswick: "In our music video we decided to illustrate a story about the music. The video shows a trip to the Harz mountains. The places we visited represent the different associations with each variation. The trip began at the main station. After a hike we arrived at the waterfall. Then we went up a mountain with a gondola to enjoy the view and the scenery. We ended the day on a playground."