Die dünnen Jahre sind vorbei! So übersteht Mann die zweite Lebenshälfte

Three Men carry a piano up the stairs of an old tenement house. "I have got good and bad news" says the leader after some time. "The good one: We are already in the eighth flooor. " - "And the bad one?", asks a worker. - "It's the wrong house."

For all those who feel like this I wrote this book. It would be the joke of your life if it wasn't your life. You put so much energy, love and time in finding and getting your job, your wife, your house. And now you find out: Its the wrong wife, the wrong job, the wrong apartment, even the wrong city. Maybe it's the wrong country. And you realize: No, not everything is relative. There is wrong and right. And you took the wrong door.

After spending at least a third of my life in Midlife Crisis I thought it was time to write this book. In 44 Chapters I show you 44 ways out of the trap. And I promise: You don't have to sell the piano, and you can continue playing it.

Will be published next spring!

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