Schönen Sonntag! Die 88 besten Geschichten von Leo, Lina und Lukas

These stories tell you how to survive a family bicycle holiday in Sachsen, how to calm down a choleric music teacher, what to do if your son turns into a fan of your most hated soccer club - and why Lukas should be our government spokesman.

My first 88 columns from the Weser-Kurier - and my very first book!
A world bestseller - in Bremen.

"Sympathetic, entertaining and with a an extraordinary laconic humor. Wow!"
Louis Milse

"Your stories seem so real that we suspect you glanced through our window." Gabriele Wiesenhavern

"Chapeau! I even had to cry from laughing." Andreas Knippel

"I use to read your stories to my men (18, 20 and 47 years old) while we are having our sunday breakfast. Florian says: 'I think he just made all that up. That family does not even exist.' You know what? I don't care. Anyway it is exactly as you describe it!" Christine Ertl

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