Schönen Sonntag 2. Das Neueste von Leo, Lina und Lukas.

May contain traces of Pamesello.

Lina looks for her climbing shoes. Eva becomes addicted to Facebook.
Leo desperatley wishes something that can only be bought in Singapur.
Lukas chills on his couch. I go to the gym without any results - for years.
And then the dish washer doesn't work anymore. And no one can help.

The second Book of Columns - with the next 88 stories.

"An engenious chronicler of the everyday madness of modern family life."

"Extremely funny. And inimitably."
Gesa Löbner-Bonk

"A wonderful book for people without children. Because afterwards they know much better what they miss in life. Sören Sieg describes the everyday life with children so precise, funny and within all brevity so full of love, that you cannot stop laughing. And suffer with him. And in the end becone envious ..."
Sabine Huttel

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