Geringfügig renovierungsbedürftig. Vom Wahnsinn beim Wohnungskauf.

Maybe we should not have started building houses. Since then mankind suffers from five big plagues: Pestilence, cholera, typhoid, yellow fever - and real estate agents. The first four we managed to turn down. Only the last one is getting worse all the time.

"The man who meets a real estate agent needs a fast horse", people say in Saudi-Arabia. And in fact all catastrophes of history were caused by the sale of houses: The World finance crisis. The bust of Karstadt. And the demission of Christian Wulff.

Buying instead of renting - a collective delusion. Many lose alle there money in it. Others become rich. Especially real estate agents. Over 100.000 of them wander though our land. Without any education, knowledge or certificate. But with an own language you need years to understand. Or quicker: By reading this book.

In the end you will finde that the best solution is to buy no apartment at all.
How do they say in Italy? "The sea is the source of the salt, and the real estate agents are the source of the evil."

Dumont Verlag 2013
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