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Great things are coming: On October 12th in Tokyo there will be the first concert, where only my pieces are played! In the Ohmi-Gakudo-Saal of the Tokyo Opera City in Shinjuku. It will be performed by the Consort Company lead by Takashi Yasui. And on 5th of November the Recorder Orchestra Berlin, conducted by Sylvia Rosien, will do the Premiere of SIKU NJEMA, a concert piece for solo recorder and recorder orchestra.

On the 15th of November there will be the Premiere of my first play! I wrote it for and together with Janina Korn, who will perform it for the very first time in the Winterhuder Fährhaus in Hamburg, and it is called: HIER KOMMT FRAU KORN. I hope to see you there!

Out now: My eleventh book! DIE DÜNNEN JAHRE SIND VORBEI (the thin years are over) reflects about the Midlife Crisis, shows 44 ways into a better life and explains why the so called Midlife Crisis is your last chance to start a self-determined existence. I wish to thank my publishing house Ullstein for the great cover, Christoph Steskal for the incorruptible editing, my Agent Nina Arrowsmith for her substantial efforts and LaLeLu for the permission to write the book to the headline of their/our 12th show.

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