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What a weekend! I wish to thank the Emsemble Tastissimo for the Premiere of my piece THE CIRCLE for eight hands at two pianos in Oldenburg on Saturday and the Flanders Recorder Quartet for the wonderful performance of INXAXHEBA on sunday in Bamberg at the presentation of their new and last CD FIVE. You can order and buy the CD here on this website - it contains a breathtaking recording of the 16th African Suite, I wrote for them. And now I am looking forward to the Premiere of UMOYA (wind) on coming saturday (24th of June) by the recorder orchestra NORDWIND in Hamburg, conducted by Antje Susanne Kopp!

My biggest thanks to Marie-Theres Eloi, Carole Benchetrit, Hélène Bricault, Jean Noel Catrice, Béatrice Delpierre, Bertrand Lemonnier, Sungmin Son and all the others for the fantastic workshop and the following concert on May 13 and 14 in Issy Les Moulineaux near Paris! I hope I will be back next year. The next workshop is on July first in Taiwan, Hsinchu County, Chupei City, in the Hsing Lung Primary School!

In December last year I published a lot of new music sheet: The recorder quartets KUNJANI (How are you?), WAKATI NJEMA (The Best Moment) and INXAXHEBA (Opportunity), the Suite for two Flutes and Marimba INJABULO (Happiness), the Flute Quintet Njagala Nnyimba (I love Music)) and the pieces for recorder orchestra JOURNEY TO JINJA, UMCULO WAMANZI (Water Music) and SIKU NJEMA (The Great Day - for Solo Recorder and recorder orchestra). Just look through this page! The next editions will follow in the end of the year: THE CIRCLE for eight hands at two pianos, SIKU SIYO MBALI for eight hands at one piano, the African Suites No. 18, 20 and 21 and JABAL RAM and UMOYA for recorder orchestra!

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Sören Sieg (*1966) learned to play the recorder, violin and piano as a child and later the saxophone, trumpet, guitar and drums. He studied Sociology, Politics and Music in Hamburg and Bielefeld. He toured with his a cappella group LaLeLu for 18 years throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since 2012 he has lived as a composer and author in Hamburg. He has published ten books and numerous works for classical ensembles that are played all around the world. read more »