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Musical Advent Calendar, door 12: On June 17 the fabulous piano quartet TASTISSIMO played the premiere of my ten-minutes-piece THE CIRCLE in the long night of music in Oldenburg. Part of Tastissimo is my old friend Ronald Poelman, whom I know since 1984 and who since then has encouraged me to compose. Unfortunately, there is no recording of THE CIRCLE yet, but Ronald has recorded some pieces I wrote for our Saxophone/Piano-duet in 1984. So here you can hear how I sounded with 18 years. Only the saxophone is missing. The photo above shows Ronald and me during our rehearsals for our concert THE ART OF FUGUE in 1989. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJmD56blUYY

Lyme-Régis, Fulda, Paris, Hsinchu, Michaelstein and Hamburg - I enjoyed all recorder workshops of this year very much! Next year I will give two workshops about African choir music on February 10/11 and June 23/24 in Hamburg. The next workshop about my African Recorder Music will be on Juni 16/17 in Fulda. I hope to see you there!

Today five new works came from the printing company: Imibala yenjabulo for Solo Recorder and Piano - my African Suite No.18, which I composed for Meng-Heng Chen and me and which we performed at July second and third during my stay in Taiwan in Hsinchu and Taipei. A true concert piece! Then Ixesha, my African Suite No. 20, composed for the fantastic Boreas Quartet from Bremen, first performed by them on September 23 at the ERTA-Congress in Michaelstein. Umoya - commissioned by the Hamburg Recorder Orchestra Nordwind (wind from the north), first performed in June 24 in Hamburg under the conduct of Antje Susanne Kopp; and two Solo Suites for Contrabass, composed for my polish friend Marcin Oles, that we recorded end of September in beautiful Krakow: Ayiyeki (Never Stop), my African Suite No. 13, and Umbalisi mabali (The storyteller), my African Suite Nr. 14. From now on you can order the pieces here on the website!

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Sören Sieg (*1966) learned to play the recorder, violin and piano as a child and later the saxophone, trumpet, guitar and drums. He studied Sociology, Politics and Music in Hamburg and Bielefeld. He toured with his a cappella group LaLeLu for 18 years throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since 2012 he has lived as a composer and author in Hamburg. He has published ten books and numerous works for classical ensembles that are played all around the world. read more »