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Door three: After one year of work, hundreds of mails, three months Crash-Course Japanese, three weeks in Japan and many, many corrections I can proudly announce: Since the 1st of December my works are available in Japan in a Japanese edition with Japanese titles and prefaces! I wish to thank Mr. Natsukoshi for his very accurate corrections and Mrs Tomoko Otsuki for her more than patient correspondence over many, many months. Here is the Japanese website: http://placebo-recorder.com/scorelist.html

WORKSHOPS 2017: 15.- 19.2. Lyme-Régis, England, with Tom Beets (FRQ). - 29. / 30.4 Fulda, Mollenhauer. - 13./14.5. Issy-Les-Moulineaux near Paris. - 1./2. July Taiwan - 22.9. ERTA Congress Michaelstein, Germany. CONCERTS: In 2017 three concerts will be dedicated only to my works: 11.2. Hamburg; 2./3.7. Taipeh/Taiwan. PREMIERES: 24.6., Hamburg, Recorder Orchestra Nordwind: UMOYA. 2.7. Taipeh, Meng-Heng Chen and me: African Suite No. 18 for piano and recorder. 15.7. Berlin, Recorder Orchestra Berlin: MARRAKECH. 23.9., Michaelstein, Boreas Quartet: African Suite No. 19.

In autumn of 2015 I wrote my African Suite No. 16 INXAXHEBA for the Flanders Recorder Quartet. In March 2016 they asked me to write a quintet version for their jubilee CD with Saskia Coolen - which was a great idea! The quintet version is musically even richer and more colorful - I even rewrote the quartet afterwards. You can order the just printed INXAXHEBA quintet for 24,90€ on this page. (just look up under music). There is a great Video on Youtube from the first movement, performed by the Flanders at the Premiere in Antwerp.

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