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I wish to say thank you to the Ensemnble Flötissimo, that performed a great world premiere of my first flute quintet NJAGALA NNYIMBA ("I love music") in the Bergkirche Büsingen on the 17th of July and for the recordings and filmings the day before. Now its my turn to edit and cut my first music video! Now I am looking forward to the rehearsal of JOURNEY TO JINJA for recorder orchestra and recorder quartet, that I wrote for the Youth Recorder Orchestra Baden-Württemberg and the National Youth Recorder Orchestra from Great Britain.

After three months of brainstorming, laughing and hard work it seems that I already finished writing the new show of LaLeLu! DO I REALLY HAVE TO DO THIS? ALL ABOUT TRENDS is already the 13th programme of LaLeLu in 21 years, there will be tons of surprises - of course I will not reveal the details right now. The world premiere will be on the 26th of August in the legendary Lutterbeker nearby Kiel, the official Premiere will be on the 13th of september in Alma Hoppes Lustspielhaus in Hamburg. I hope to see you there!

Christoph Steskal is not only the head of the non-fiction department of the Ullstein Publishing House, he also was the lecturer of my latest book - incorrupt and uncompromising! We fought hard about some sentences and chapters, but now we made it and the book will be published in August. "The thin years are over - how to survive the second half of life" is not only my eleventh book, but also the quintessence of a half lifetime of midlife crisis. I hope you will have as much fun reading it as I had writing it!

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