The Return of the Three Magi to Sevilla

Pour piano à quatre mains.

The Return of the Three Magi is very pictorial music. It begins at night, in mysterious darkness in a barren Spanish landscape. The camels lazily shuffle along the road. The light gradually changes, dawn breaks, Seville comes into sight, getting closer and closer, initially just a silhouette, then individual houses. The anticipation builds, there are expectations of a long, fairytale journey, until the Three Kings finally enter the city, laden with magnificent gifts, and enthusiastically greeted by children. At this point, the four hands come together into a triumphant B-major, whereas they had, up until then, consistently played two different keys - inspired by Milhaud’s bitonal works. I wish to thank Wolfgang-Andreas Schultz, who taught me composing at that time, and Kerstin Behnke, who did the debut performance with me at the Young Composers’ Forum in Hamburg on 5/7/1993. At that time I had no clue I would be a professional composer 25 years later. But I still love the piece very much, although so much time has passed. I also wish to thank my old friends Ronald Poelman and Michael Staudacher, who rehearsed and performed the piece at other occasions with me. I hope we will find the chance to play it any time soon.
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Hamburg, May 2019

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