African Suite No. 28

For Recorder Orchestra ATTBBBG Cb (SGB SKB)

Score and 10 parts

First Movement: The Emperor is coming
Second Movement: The Girl at the Window
Third Movement: Best Wishes from Africa

REIWA is the name of the new Japanese era, that started in Japan with the coronation of the new Tennō Naruhito on May 1, 2019. It is translated with beautiful harmony and follows the last era of HEISEI.  

When I read about the ceremonies and the naming of the new era, I was deeply impressed how Japan manages to be the most modern country in the world when it comes to technology, but still keeps so strong tie to its oldest traditions. For Japan, these are not contradictions, but two sides of one medal. I find this truly admirable.  

The three movements play in different times and places. The first movement REIWA is about the last public performance of Tennō Akihito, who came to speak to his people the last time to say good-bye and to thank them on April 30. When I read his speech I was truly moved by the modesty of the words he chose. I think the Japanese can be happy they had such a Tenno. So this music is to greet and honor him, showing joy, excitement, and thankfulness, as he enters the royal hall.  

The second movement is about the atmosphere described in the preface of the poem collection Manyoushu from the 8th century, that gave the new era its name REIWA: "At that very moment, in the early spring, the air is clean and clear, and the wind is soft. The plum blossoms like white powder in front of the mirror of the beauties and the orchid smells like the incense of a nobleman's decorative bag.“ When I read that, I saw a young Japanese girl, standing at the window in the early morning, in early spring, in the 8th century, smelling the orchid, seeing the plum blossom, feeling the soft wind, breathing the clean and clear air. She feels this moment with all her soul. That’s what I tried to catch with the music. And I called it „The Girl at the window“. It should be played with a lot of emotion, flow, and freedom.  

The third movement now jumps in time and space. Japan enters the new Era. And people from all over the world wish Japan all the best for this new Age. Also the people from Africa! So I visioned an African village gathering and sending their best wishes to the land of the rising sun in their own musical style. So this movement is called „Best Wishes from Africa!“  

I wish to thank the Tokyo Recorder Orchestra and its musical conductor Kenji Kaneko for the wonderful Premiere in Tokyo on September 29, 2019. May our friendship grow and blossom through all the era of beautiful harmony! By the way: Of course REIWA can also be performed without Sub Great Bass and Sub Contra Bass. Those parts are optional.

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