1999 – Lange-Anna-Marathon! To save the famous rock Lange Anna at the coast of Helgoland, LaLeLu sings its Lange-Anna-Hymn 42,195 times in one day from 42 different locations around Hamburg including our main church, a doss house, a kindergarden, the Erotic Art Museum, a Cinemaxx and a local Zoo. Three technical teams transport and install the sound equipment and six TV-Teams follow us. While at the Holthusenbad, a public bath, my voice breaks down at 7 pm and somehow returns at 9 pm at the Harburg harbour. During the last performance, we sing only until bar 31, in order to reach exactly 42,195 concerts. For the Maxi-CD, I had to compose three songs about one rock, a very special task. At least we succeeded - the Lange Anna is still standing!