05/14/2020 - 11:12
Newly published

Fresh from the printing house: Umonde, 12 Circle Songs for solo recorder and Loopstation, 64 pages for 19,90€. You find a video of the second Circle Song here: The contemporary bestsellers for the lockdown are still: UKUVALELISA, 10 Miniatures for recorder solo, CADIZ for recorder and piano (here is the second movement from the premiere in Sydney:; and TELL THEM I'VE HAD A WONDERFUL LIFE in the version for recorder and piano. Here is the video of the second movement THIS ONE MOMENT: Happy Easter!

01/28/2020 - 18:42
Music Video Competition 2020!

I want to say my biggest thanks to all groups and individuals taking part in my first music video competition 2020. We received 39 contributions from all over the world, including musical, visual and performing artists from Hongkong, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, Argentinia, Chile, Brazil, Italy, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. So many different approaches, so much love and effort and fun and mastery. It will be very hard to chose the three winners , and I am glad I have Claire Walka and Ebba-Maria Künning-Zeijl at my side in the Jury. We will announce the winners on November 1 and then step by step publish the best videos. Again, I would like to say thank you to everyone involved. There will definitely be a second competition next year!

11/30/2018 - 07:40
Advent, Advent!

My scores as christmas present? If you order a score a CD on this site till December 18 you will receive a christmas present by me! Of course it is a surprise which present this is exactly. I wish you all a happy Christmas time!

05/10/2018 - 18:46
Sören in Stockstadt

From May 11 till May 13 I will be the very first time at the Blockflötenfesttage in Stockstadt and present my scores, under them the brand new African Suite No. 19 UBUBELE. I hope to see you there!

11/17/2017 - 21:06
New Scores

Today five new works came from the printing company: Imibala yenjabulo for Solo Recorder and Piano - my African Suite No.18, which I composed for Meng-Heng Chen and me and which we performed at July second and third during my stay in Taiwan in Hsinchu and Taipei. A true concert piece! Then Ixesha, my African Suite No. 20, composed for the fantastic Boreas Quartet from Bremen, first performed by them on September 23 at the ERTA-Congress in Michaelstein. Umoya - commissioned by the Hamburg Recorder Orchestra Nordwind (wind from the north), first performed in June 24 in Hamburg under the conduct of Antje Susanne Kopp; and two Solo Suites for Contrabass, composed for my polish friend Marcin Oles, that we recorded end of September in beautiful Krakow: Ayiyeki (Never Stop), my African Suite No. 13, and Umbalisi mabali (The storyteller), my African Suite Nr. 14. From now on you can order the pieces here on the website!

09/21/2017 - 08:57
New Music Sheet

In the beginning of October I will publish four new music sheet: UMOYA (Wind) is a well playable piece for recorder orchestra that had its premiere in June by the recorder orchestra Nordwind (north wind). IMIBALA YENJABULO (the colours of happiness) is my first Suite for Recorder Solo and Piano. It's a real concert piece, I wrote it for amazing Meng-Heng Chen from Taiwan and played the Premiere with her on July 2 and 3 this year. Ixesha is my African Suite No. 20, that I wrote for the BOREAS-Quartet from Bremen. The Premiere will be this Saturday at the ERTA-Congress in Michaelstein. Last but not least I will edit my first two Suites for Double Bass Solo: Ayiyeki (Never Stop!) und Umbalisi Mabali (Der Geschichtenerzähler.) I wrote them for the amazing double bass player Marcin Oles from Poland.

05/16/2017 - 15:39
New Music Sheet

In December last year I published a lot of new music sheet: The recorder quartets KUNJANI (How are you?), WAKATI NJEMA (The Best Moment) and INXAXHEBA (Opportunity), the Suite for two Flutes and Marimba INJABULO (Happiness), the Flute Quintet Njagala Nnyimba (I love Music)) and the pieces for recorder orchestra JOURNEY TO JINJA, UMCULO WAMANZI (Water Music) and SIKU NJEMA (The Great Day - for Solo Recorder and recorder orchestra). Just look through this page! The next editions will follow in the end of the year: THE CIRCLE for eight hands at two pianos, SIKU SIYO MBALI for eight hands at one piano, the African Suites No. 18, 20 and 21 and JABAL RAM and UMOYA for recorder orchestra!