I am very pleased that the long-standing German ambassador to Cameroon, Volker Seitz, has now published a detailed review of "Oh, how beautiful is Africa!": Volker Seitz himself published his 40 years of experience in Africa in the very good book "Afrika wird armregiert" (dtv). His review is therefore a special honor for me! Before this I was able to report on the absurdities of the so-called "sensitivity reading" in the FAZ from 28.1. and in the Swiss WELTWOCHE from 17.2. ( The Hamburger Abendblatt published a large portrait ( and WELT has printed the first chapter ( Eine-unvergessliche-Nacht-in-Kenia.html). Although Randomhouse really didn't do anything for the book, it has now become my book with the greatest public resonance - which makes me happy, because I have put so much work, time, love and research into my twelfth book! I look forward to all feedback to You can also order the book OH WIE SCHÖN IST AFRIKA right here on the site. My CD AMAZING AFRICA is now available on all streaming platforms:

I look forward to my workshops on African recorder music in 2023! It starts with a workshop at KÜNG in Schaffhausen on March 25th and 26th, then there is the annual seminar at MOLLENHAUER in Fulda on April 29th and 30th, and the Hamburg Recorder Day on May 13th! If you are interested, just send me an email!

Brand new: Karungi, 10 simpler pieces for soprano/tenor recorder and piano. On the initiative of Martina Kominkova, my first edition for piano and recorder suitable for teaching! Also, of course, appropriate to the season: African Christmas for recorder quintet ATTBG and recorder quartet ATBG! Here you can see a recording from the premiere on November 27th in Boxtel by Seldom Sene: UKUVALELISA is now also available in a version for recorder and cello, here you can see the tenth miniature FAREWELL: Thanks to Susanne Modrej, UKUVALELISA is now also available in a version for violoncello solo, here she plays the fourth miniature LULLABY: In addition, the Siciliano Suite is now also available in a version for recorder, piano and violoncello! Here you can see the second movement, Silver Linings: The contemporary bestsellers are still CADIZ for recorder and piano (here is the second movement from the premiere in Sydney:; and TELL THEM I'VE HAD A WONDERFUL LIFE in the version for recorder and piano. Here is the video of the second movement THIS ONE MOMENT:

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Sören Sieg (*1966) learned to play the recorder, violin and piano as a child and later the saxophone, trumpet, guitar and drums. He studied Sociology, Politics and Music in Hamburg and Bielefeld. He toured with his a cappella group LaLeLu for 18 years throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since 2012 he has lived as a composer and author in Hamburg. He has published ten books and numerous works for classical ensembles that are played all around the world. read more »