CADIZ is finished! This CD, which I recorded in June 2022 with the recorder genius Chris Orton from Barcelona, contains my most important works for recorder and piano: Imibala yenjabulo, Tell them I've had a wonderful life, Three Sad Songs - and the eponymous suite CADIZ! CADIZ will cost 15 euros, the official sale starts on December 1st. From today until November 30th you can get the CD together with the newly released sheet music for THREE SAD SONGS for 25 Euro! Just click on the offer on the CD or the sheet music page :-)

Dear friends, I would like to thank you once again for attending my workshops in Birmingham, Schaffhausen, Hamburg, Fulda and Ratzeburg in 2023! The next fixed date for 2024 is my workshop on my African recorder music at Mollenhauer in Fulda on 15 and 16 June 2024!

Due to the ever-increasing demand for pdf, I am now offering a new price structure! As before, you can buy my printed editions for 19.90 (duo, trio, quartet), 24.90 (quintet, sextet) or 39.90 (orchestra). You can also buy either the pdf only (17.90 / 22.90 / 37.90) or the printed editions plus the pdf (22.90 / 27.90 / 42.90). I will gradually add this to all individual order forms, but you can also let me know when you order! Brand new since December: Intsumantsumane for recorder orchestra, The Secret of Secrets, 5 Circle Songs for recorder orchestra, and 3 Sad Songs for recorder and piano!

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Sören Sieg (*1966) learned to play the recorder, violin and piano as a child and later the saxophone, trumpet, guitar and drums. He studied Sociology, Politics and Music in Hamburg and Bielefeld. He toured with his a cappella group LaLeLu for 18 years throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since 2012 he has lived as a composer and author in Hamburg. He has published ten books and numerous works for classical ensembles that are played all around the world. read more »