Ayiyeki. African Suite No. 13

Für Double Bass solo

Playing time: around 10 minutes

First movement: Wedwa (On your own)
Second movement: Ayiyeki (Never stop)
Third movement: Amehlo akhe amahle (Her beautiful Eyes)
Fourth movement: Ingoma yentuthuzelo (Lullaby)

In August 2015 Marta Eloy Cichocka and her family hosted me for a two-week Polish course in Kraków. After arrival I found out that her husband, Marcin Olés, is one of the best and best-known double bass players in Poland. He was equally surprised to find out I write African-inspired pieces for classical instruments and asked me to compose a solo piece for double bass. One year later I took on the task and had so many ideas that it resulted in my African Suites Nos. 13 and 14: Ayiyeki (Never stop!) and Umbalasi mabali (The Storyteller). Ayiyeki is dedicated to Marta, Marcin, and their two wonderful kids Morgan and Mirta.

The first piece, Wedwa (On Your Own), is about the feeling that connects me as a pianist with Marcin at his double bass: Being alone with your instrument and your music you meditate, through playing, about your life. The title piece Ayiyeki is about the inexhaustible energy of small kids – about Morgan and Mirta, who were playing every morning in the living room, no matter how early I got up. Her beautiful eyes is dedicated to Marta, my fascinating host, who is an incredible lyricist, translator, and scientist at the same time. The finishing Lullabye is about the magic and intimate moment when you kiss your kids goodnight in the evening. All pieces ought to be played with highest possible expression. With the exception of Ayiyeki, whose insisting character affords a constant pulse, they all need copious freedom and variability of tempo.
I wish to thank Marcin Oleś for the numerous, incredibly valuable suggestions for this composition and for the sound and film recordings we made of the pieces this autumn. The resulting Youtube videos give an impression of how I imagine the pieces should sound like. However, I am always open to surprises and new ways of playing because I always have been a big fan of freedom of interpretation. I am always delighted to receive recordings and comments: mail@soerensieg.de

Hamburg, October 2017

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