For Recorder (alto / tenor) and Piano

1. The Flight of the Seagull
2. The Wind from the Sea
3. Alone on the Shore
4. The Bath of the Mermaid
5. Carnaval de Cádiz

Cádiz is located in Andalusia, on the southern Spanish Atlantic coast. It was founded by Phoenician seafarers around 1100 BC, making it the oldest continuously inhabited city in Western Europe. Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, and Spaniards ruled the city and ran trade from here. The old town overlooking the sea with its centuries-old ensemble of the fortress, the town hall, the watchtowers, theaters, churches, and cathedrals reminds of a fairytale. Manuela de Falla and Paco de Lucía were born here. This fascinating place inspired me to write this suite.
The first movement is about a walk at the seaside in the early morning when it is still pleasantly cool. A seagull flies through the sky, hovers, circles, rolls over, enjoys its freedom. The hovering of the seagull is expressed in the floating flow of the piano ostinato in 13/8 time. The second movement is about the wind from the sea, which over the centuries has carried ships from here to foreign coasts all over the world. The weltering of wind and waves is reflected in a special meter: Each bar consists of nine sixteenth-note triplets, that is, the bar is divided three times by three. The third movement is a lamenting song: Alone on the shore, the melody complains about a painful loss - the piano accompanies thoughtfully, asks questions, hears the recorder answer, listens thoughtfully, insists on always the same rhythm.
The fourth movement - The Bath of the Mermaid - lives from a polyphonic accompaniment reminiscent of Bach, and a wide, vocal melody that combines simplicity and expressivity. Enjoy the long notes, play as emotionally as you can!
The fifth movement is the grand finale: Cádiz is famous all over Spain for its colorful Carnaval, which takes place in February but is prepared all year round. The virtuoso piano ostinato in 11/4-meter drives the piece forward and to his furious climaxes.
Originally I wrote Cádiz for recorder and guitar, this is the edition for recorder and piano. I played the premiere together with my friend António Carrilho on February 19 in the Sydney Conservatory.

Here you see four movements of the Premiere:

Second movement: The Wind from the Sea

Third movement: Alone on the Shore

Fourth movement: The Bath of the Mermaid

Fifth movement: Carnaval de Cádiz

Have fun listening!

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