The Canadian Flute Quartet QuarterTones Flute Ensemble has recorded my third African Suite Mavumo ya uana on their CD COMBINE - very emotional and moving. I like the recording very much!
This CD is very special, because it nearly only contains original works, that were composed for this ensemble - except my Suite, that was commissioned by the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet in 2003.
Here is the extraordinary setlist:

1 Michael Bakrncev: Water
2 - 9 Jason Cullimore: Figurines
10 - 15 David McIntyre: Argyle Street
16 - 19: Pierick Houdy: Do majeur! (not dodeca)
20 - 22: Mavumo ya uana (Childhood memories), African Suite Nr. 3

48 Minutes
14,90 Euro