Djaboué. African Suite No.1.

Revised Edition.
For Recorder Trio ATB / SAT / ATB.

Djaboué is the first of several african suites and pieces I have composed and still want to compose in the future. I wrote this piece in february 1994 for the Ensemble Flutes en bloc - Anette Bahe, Ebba-Maria Künning und Corinna Fröhlich (, who were the first to perform it and who recorded it on their marvellous Album Flutes en bloc besides my second african suite pina ya phala. These three really brought me to compose for recorder through their impressing concerts, they have since then performed all my recorder trios and I wish to express my greatest thanks to them. For this edition I have revised the composition. Now it should be easier to play (especially the second movement) and the coda should be more plausible and effective. I hope it works out. I wish all players as much fun playing these pieces as I had composing them.

I wish to express my thanks to the Ensemble Flutes en bloc - Annette Bahe, Ebba-Maria Künning-Zeijl und Corinna Fröhlich - that recorded the piece.
Their wonderful Album Flutes en bloc, that contains it, is available through their website:

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