Ensemble Pipelife: Suit(e)Case

On this album from 2007 the Ensemble Pipelife has recorded my African Suite No. 4 VITAMBO VYA MOYO that I had written for them - surely one of the best recordings of my pieces ever.
And also in all other tracks this is an exceptionally good album:
1 From the Dancebook Antwerpen: Schiarazula Marazula
2 Palestrina: Pulchra es amica mea
3 Giovanni Battista Conforti: Ricercar del settimo tuono
4 Pierre Alamire: Tandernack
5 Sweelinck: Tes beaux yeux
6 William Byrd: Sellenger's Round
7 Anthony Holborne: Paduana
8 Galliard
9 Ralph Vaughan Williams: Intrada
10 Finale
11 - 14 Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer: Suite g-moll
15 Dick Koomans: The Jogger
16 - 18 Sören Sieg: Vitambo vya moyo. African Suite No. 4
16 kinokero (The Gazelle)
17 kinyongo (Nostalgia)
18 jamboree (Celebration of Joy)
19 Stevie Wonder: Sir Duke

55 Minutes
17,99 Euro