Njagala Nnyimba for Flute Quintet

African Suite No. 17

For Flute Quintet: One Piccolo Flute, three C-Flutes, one Alto Flute.

Score and 5 Parts

1. Satz: Jangu wano (Come here!)
2. Satz: Ekibuzo (The Question)
3. Satz: Myel me yom cwinyi (Dance of Joy)

Njagala Nnyimba in Luganda (one of the 40 languages spoken in Uganda) means I love music and the people of Uganda really do love music! Nowhere in Black Africa have I found a more positive, relaxed and chill atmosphere than in the "Pearl of Africa", as Churchill once called it. The tropical climate makes everything blossom and sprout, jungle and palm trees, cacao, coffee, tea, coconut and all kinds of exotic fruits and vegetables. Still it is not too hot, and areas such as the Viktoria Lake and the White Nile really seem like paradise on earth. The traffic is slow (probably due to the many holes in the streets!) and the people are incredibly friendly, generous, humorous and proud of their country. Furthermore, you are surrounded by cheerful music literally everywhere. Just watch some Ugandan music videos and you'll see terrific dancing to completely carefree music. I hope I managed to catch some of this wonderful atmosphere in this piece. The first movement is a kind of welcome celebration, The second is calmer and describes the view on the tranquil Victoria Lake from a boat that floats in the mild evening light while you ask yourself questions about your life. The third feels like little children rolling and running down a hill; funny and naughty children like the ones I found everywhere in Uganda, who were keen on group selfies with a Muzungu (white man). You don't have to look for them - they will be looking for you!

I would like to thank Reinhilde Klinghoff-Kühn, who has encouraged me to compose for many years and commissioned this piece, my first flute quintet ever. It is a sound that I did not know before, but quickly learned to love. Secondly, I would like to thank the Ensemble Flötissimo for the fantastic premiere on July 17th, 2016 in the Bergkirche Büsingen - and for their willingness to produce this music video with me:

2nd movement: Ekibuzo

There they can all be seen and heard: Melanie Sobieraj, Jana Bürchner, Annika Stöckle, Max Schaudt, Charisma Neuberth, Laura Straub, Laura Waldmann, Claire Pfeifer, Sarah Andris and Reinhilde Klinghoff-Kühn. You were very well prepared and played fantastic - thank you!

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