Sören Sieg - Yitsho, Yintoni ulonwabo (2015)

In November 2015 I wrote my 16th African suite INXAXHEBA for the Flanders Recorder Quartet. Here you hear the first movement Yitsho, Yintoni ulonwabo (Tell Me, What is Happiness?). INXAXHEBA is Xhosa and means Opportunity, and according to Sören Kierkegaard, the Danish philosopher, to whom I owe my name, happiness is exactly about this: about the passion of opportunity (Die Leidenschaft der Möglichkeit), i.e. the possibility to project our existence into the future and realize this projection.
I wish to thank Tom, Paul, Bart and Joris (sounds a bit like John, Paul, George and Ringo!) and of course Saskia Coolen for their wonderful performance and Ulrich Lorscheider from AEOLUS label for his brilliant recording management. I am looking very much forward to the album!

You can order the music sheet Inxaxheba Quintet HERE.