The Secret of Secrets

This video won the Sören Sieg Music Video Competition 2021!

Eva Jornet explains:
"I am Eva Jornet, I live near Barcelona, I am Catalan.
enter the contest because I am in love with this music. I find it fresh, emotional, pleasant, alive and surprising.
And since I always love to go one step further, I bought a loop and started experimenting with Umonde. When my friends and close people heard "Secret of Secrets" they loved it and I decided to record it.

I decided to make a video that evokes music, the meaning of the word "secret", always hidden, like the role of smoke in the video. The hand of the only person who can sometimes know the secret. It means the hand of the person you love and trust, not just anyone.
The importance of having someone by your side, be it a couple, be a friend.

In the world there is a lot of loneliness, many people who have no one to offer their hand (heart) to help them, much less keep a secret from them.
At the moment of change from tenor flute to alto, the moment of climax, I played with the personal, that eye that hides the mystery of the secret.
The late motive is the sleight of hand (the trust, the accomplice, the friend of the path of your life)."

This film was produced by Eva Jornet and her team: Rosazul, CrispetesFilms and Oriol Ibàñez.

You can find out more about Eva Jornet, her music and biography on

Eva shared the first price together with Hiroki Niwano and his video about DESIRED DEPARTURE: