Three Sad Songs

For Recorder and Piano

1. Ingxunguphalo (Tenor and Piano)
2. Valse triste (Alto and Piano)
3. Meditation (Alto and Piano)

Score and one part

These three sad songs I recorded with Chris Orton for our Duo CD project Cádiz with my main works for solo recorder and piano Cádiz, Imibala yenjabulo and Tell them I've had a wonderful life.

Ingxunguphalo means The Great Sorrow. I wrote this piece in 2015 when my father was dying, one of the saddest times of my life. It was the second movement of my African Suite No. 16 Inxaxheba, commissioned by the Flanders Recorder Quartet, who recorded the piece with Saskia Coolen for their album ‚Five’. Ingxunguphalo has been played in various instrumentations at funerals around the world. There is a beautiful recording of the version for violoncello solo and string orchestra by the Philadelphia Sinfonia on my Soundcloud account. You can hear the piano solo version on my album WHITE NILE.

I wrote the Valse triste in 1996 as the middle movement of the Suite Grotesque, a slow waltz and a mournful moment of calm. In 2020 Angela Rossel won the 3rd price of my music video competition with a beautiful music video she shot of her version of the piece for three violins (you can find it on my Youtube channel).

I wrote Meditation in March 2022 under the impact of the war in Ukraine. It's unlike anything I've written before. I wanted to express my deep sadness at the incomprehensible horror of this war. Nearly two years have passed and the war is still going on. The piece is a kind of reflection and remembrance of all those who lost their lives and loved ones in this war.

I wish to thank Chris Orton for our wonderful recording session in the summer of 2022.

3 Sad Songs will cost 19.90 euros from 1 December 2023; you can order the 3 Sad Songs and the CD for a total of 25 euros here until 30 November!