Tides and Tunes

On this fantastic CD with Recorder music from the British Islands the Ensemble Pipelife has recorded my 16 Variations on the Swallowtail Jig, that I composed for them two years ago. But of course there are many more beautiful pieces on this CD:

1. King William's Ramble (Irish Traditional)
2. Ambell i gan (Walischisches Volkslied)
3. Piper's Pavan
4. John Dowland: Captain Digorie Piper's Galliard
5. Sören Sieg: 16 Variationen über eine irische Jig
6. Lamento di Tristano
7. La rotta (Anonymus, 13. Jahrhundert)
8. John Ward: Fantasia à 5 Nr. 4
9. Orlando Gibbons: The Silver Swan
10. The Division Flute: Paul's Steeple
11. Billy Joel: Air Dublinesque
12. Paul McCartney: Pipes of Peace

50 Minutes
14,90 Euro