Ziegel. Hamburger Jahrbuch für Literatur 11.

In this anthology of Hamburg Literature you will find a part of my third novel Böse Geister (Evil Spirits). The smart politician Christian Herz is supposed to win the election in the northern sea state Eider-Deichland for the left-wing party, after the popular president had a fatal accident while inaugurating a wind power station. What first appears to be an easy task - his opponent is the featherbrained sausage producer Fiete Spreckelsen - turns out to be a complete desaster: the only big employer, a warshipyard, has to close, mold destroys the thatched roofs on the countryside, an anonymous investor buys the whole west coast, the local nobel prize winner is miffed, the polish hobos go on strike, and the only big newspaper is bought by a right-wing publishing house from austria ...

Dölling&Galitz Verlag 2008
14,80 Euro