1990 – After a concert of the Kronos Quartet in the St. Johns Church in Harvestehude I decide to quit the social sciences and apply for the Hamburg Music University. I scrape through the entrance exam, because the singing professors, Kirchner and Rauschnabel, think my voice is "too high". I wish to thank the fantastic professors that taught me from 1991 to 1996: Karl-Heinz Girgensohn (piano), Wolfgang-Andreas Schultz (composition), Thomas Arp (drums and percussion), Anne Ubbelohde (choir conducting), Hans-Georg Lotz (composition theory), Dieter Einfeldt (music history) and Wilfried Jochens (singing), who is himself a very high tenor (on the picture). Later, I will write my first novel about my time at the music university, Das Milchstraßenpalais, which was never published. Thank goodness!