Desired Departure

This video won the first price in the Sören Sieg Music Video Competition 2021!

Hiroki Niwano explains:
"This song is one of my favorites. When I listened to this song on youtube about 1or 2 years ago, I got the score soon. But I didn't have a opportunity to play it. One of another reason is that there is no pianist near around me. But fortunately I found this competition and I can have the opportunity to play this song. So I'm very thankful to be held on this competition by you.|

About video clip
I feel the energy of happiness, joy, fun, power of rhythm on Desired Departure. So I expressed my feeling about this song by sounds and my body. I like each part of this song so I added my image for each part. I also like each my adding but my favorite is the glass playing. I have played glass harmonica not as music. It was first time to play it as music. Bubbles,too.
I feel its sounds fits the part of this song.

In 80's I used to watch MTV on TV. So this clip is a little like that. I spent the time for dancing thirty times longer than recorder playing for making this clip. But I really enjoyed for making this.
Thank you very much for giving us such this chance and opportunity to join this competition."|

Hiroki Niwano: Recorder, Camera, Editing
Akiko Kikukawa: Piano

Hiroki Niwano entered Daito Bunka University and learned languages. He played recorder and other instruments by himself. When he was around 45, he started to study under Mutsuyuki Motomura for a few years. He was awarded the second prize in Early Music in the OSAKA International Music Competition in 2017. He is working at NIIGATA MO GAKKOU in Niigata City.

Akiko Kikukawa graduated from MUSASHINO ACADEMIA MUSICAE and studied the piano under YOSHIKO MORITA and TETUSHIGE MARUYAMA, accompaniment method under Marco balderi and Vincenzo scalera. She is playing chamber music and piano accompaniment.

Two first prices were awarded, the other one went to this video: