L'Aventure. Four Piano Pieces for Children

I composed L’Aventure in 1992. It is a collection of four piano pieces for children, dedicated to Ravel when he was still a child. It is commonly known that Ravel’s pieces are impossible for younger pupils to play. L’Aventure is specifically written for the small hands I had as a child, in the impressionist harmonies I loved even then. I tried to express as much as possible as simple as is possible on the piano: Woefulness and happiness in Sommer ade, thievish schadenfreude in Kobold, sentimental happiness in Auf dem Schiff, and unbridled vitality and the desire for discovery in the Abenteuerliche Reise. It’s the third piece, Auf dem Schiff, which means a lot to me. For me, it is one of my best ever compositions.

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