Njagala Nnyimba, secind movement: Ekibuzo (The Question)

This is the second movement of my first flute quintet NJAGALA NNYIMBA, performed by the fabulous Ensemble Flötissimo on the 16th of July 2016. Njagala Nnyimba is Luganda (one of the 40 languages spoken in Uganda) and means I LOVE MUSIC. The movement is called Ekibuzo (The Question). It describes the view on the tranquil Victoria Lake from a boat that floats in the mild evening light while you ask yourself questions about your life. My biggest thanks to Melanie Sobieraj, Sarah Andris , Claire Pfeifer, Laura Waldmann, Laura Straub, Charisma Neuberth, Max Schaudt, Annika Stöckle, Jana Bürchner, and the woman,who plays the first alto flute and commissioned the whole piece: Reinhilde Klinghoff-Kühn.

You can order the music sheet Njagala Nnyimba for Flute Quintet HERE.