Oh, wie schön ist Afrika!

How do you explain to an African church why you are vegan? How do you get your motorcycle taxi driver to leave the oncoming lane? And what do you say to a soldier who is taking a bribe at gunpoint? Africa is perhaps the place on this planet that we in the West know and understand the least. Surprising, magical, beautiful - and last but not least very entertaining!

In 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2021 I set out and in Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya on the couches of eighteen hosts learned, among other things, how to get a job, a beer and the meaning of life finds. At weddings and funerals, in recording studios and mosquito swarms, in remote villages and chaotic megacities, I have witnessed and heard countless incredible stories from people whose energy, wit, optimism and courage are unparalleled. My twelfth book!

Here is the epilogue: What is Africa?

Afterword: What is Africa?

I traveled through eight African countries to see Africa for myself. To see it for what it is - without the desire for improvement or salvation that is so typical of us muzungus. Without the desire to find paradise there, which is also so typical for us.
So what is Africa? It is the continent whose inhabitants regularly say: That's Africa. It is the continent that invites generalization, both Europeans and Africans. Africa is sex and music, says Tembo. Africa is lack of information, says Jacob. Africa are leaders who don't want to leave, says Jonathan. Africa is freedom, says Sandro. Africa is lack of confidence, says Douglas. Africa is where you become a muzungu and stay that way forever, says Julia. Africa respects authority, says Tinna. Africans fear nature, says Sheila. Africans always have enough time, says Doria.
And I say: Africa, these are dogs and birds in the night. Impassable paths and overgrown cemeteries. It's the fear of the dark. Schools with walls and barbed wire. Well-kept shoes and gorgeous clothes. Stray Kids. Sitting around in the shade. Loud and long church services. Unemployed academics. Domestic staff. Indian food. Power outage and water bucket. Banana beer and cane liquor. Matatus and Bodas. Improvisation with corrugated iron. Strict border controls. Huge families. Wide areas. Incredible stories.
Africa is the simultaneity of opposites: public waste and private oases. Archaic technology and modern smartphones. Evangelical churches and old magic beliefs. Bride price and cheating. Exuberant energy and sluggish service. Corrupt governments and happy pop music.

It all started in Africa. It is very old and very young. It is different from us and different from what we think.

Africa is probably not the best place to do business. The desire for "development aid" will be disappointed with a certain probability. For a relaxing holiday you might be better off somewhere else.
But to travel, to meet the unknown, the unfamiliar, the unexpected, the unbelievable, the unimaginable, I promise after everything I've experienced: there's nothing better for that.

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