This one moment. African Suite No. 27, Second Movement

Here you can see my longstanding musician friend Ebba-Maria Künning-Zeijl and me, how we serenade my daughter for her 21st birthday. Because THIS ONE MOMENT is about her birth on a beautiful April morning in 1998.
It is the second movement of my African Suite No. 27 TELL THEM I'VE HAD A WONDERFUL LIFE, presumably the last sentence of Ludwig Wittgenstein. The piece has a turbulent history: I originally wrote it for recorder, string quartet and harpsichord, then rewrote it for recorder, string orchestra and harpsichord, the version for recorder and organ was first performed in Paris in February 2019. And now rewrote the piece for recorder and piano!

You can order the music sheet Tell them I've had a wonderful life HERE.