Trio Invento: Zweiter Preis im Musikvideowettbewerb 2020!

Congratulations to Christine Sedlmeier, Christina Leimgruber, and Eva Brandstätter from Trio InVento: Their "Wedding in Djaboué was awarded (together with Trio Brunswick) the second prize in the Sören Sieg Music Video Competition 2020!

The video, which was filmed without a single cut (!), creates a magical atmosphere with the simple but effective means of a shadow theater. It leads us directly into an imaginary Africa. The joyful character is perfectly represented in the playing of the recorders as well as in the playing with the lovingly created little animals. Their funny movements made us laugh very often. A huge fun!

Trio InVento: "The title inspired us to show an unusual wedding: In our video" Sun over Africa "we worked with a shadow theater. We cut out all the characters ourselves. Inspired by the different feelings of the piece, we tell the love story between two elephants that has a happy ending: an elephant wedding! "